review: NHK - Unununium 15.12.2008
review: NHK - UnununiumThe newest release of the German label raster-noton represents the series of nine releases by the Japanese project NHK. The authors are Toshio Munehiro and Kouhei Matsunaga already well-known after cooperative work with Mika Vainio and Merzbow. This name can be also familiar to our readers thanks to the album YAK made together with Asmus Tietchens and Y-Ton-G.

review: Fennesz - Black Sea 15.12.2008
review: Fennesz - Black SeaIn his new solo album released by label Touch, Christian Fennesz didn't change his principles concerning music production - the basis is still electro and acoustic guitars, plus various electronic devices and software. Though general mood has changed - the sounding became more cool and atmospheric; compositions are less emotional and more thoughtful...

review: Francisco López - Untitled (2006-2007... 15.12.2008
review: Francisco López - Untitled (2006-2007) Perfect 2xCD release of music experiments by tireless Spanish audio artist Francisco López. As it's mentioned in the album's title, it contains records of 2006 and 2007. Basic material is still field records, various sounds surrounding us - the wind sound and leaves' rustling, clattering of odd metal mechanisms of industrial epoch...

review: Aleatorix - Aleatorix 15.12.2008
Aleatorix - AleatorixNet release with similar title Aleatorix appeared of the site of idm-formation Heavy Mental belonging to Siberian net spaces - this fact, of course, attracts attention. One my fellow said once that all that's from Siberia is interesting on default...

review: The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me 15.12.2008
The Notwist - The Devil, You + MeHaving dissected the minds of music lovers with their electro-guitar indie-cocktails, (later these cocktails were called 'indietronic') The Notwist vanished in the time stream, but 6 years later they returned to us with their new album.

review: Hypnoz - Breath of Earth 15.12.2008
review: Hypnoz - Breath of EarthRussia is the country of a dream. The verge between reality and irrational is so subtle that it's already impossible to distinguish your dreams from that, happening outside in the streets. Listening to the album Breath of Earth by the project Hypnoz, you feel deeply how far these compositions can bring you...

review: Steinbrüchel - Mit Ohne 15.12.2008
review: Steinbrüchel - Mit OhneRalph Steinbrüchel is one of the leaders of modern experimental microelectronics due to his scrupulous use of details in sound. He presents various drones and long sound canvas so that they produce the hypnotic effect characterized as the division of the surrounding world into several parallel mental layers...

review: Eluder - The Most Beautiful Blue 15.12.2008
review: Eluder - The Most Beautiful BlueShort running start, pushing off from the land’s edge and jump... Listening to The Most Beautiful Blue I feel as if my body and numerous beads speed through the huge body of water masses. Well, what made me pay attention at the new release of the American label Infraction?...

review: Wendt - Unreleased Music For Visualizers 15.12.2008
review: Wendt - Unreleased Music For VisualizersDue to its aesthetic elegance and refinement, modern digital-minimalism charms its listeners. Rumbles, squeaks, digital microsplits changed by silence periods turn by turn, create the bubble of beautiful, delusively simple sound space. So it's too complicated and odd for wide masses, though extremely valuable for its fans.

review: con_cetta - Micro 15.12.2008
review: con_cetta - MicroBritish label Moteer releases music called clicks`n`cuts and glitch, it's something warm and full of life. It differs much from the dry, distilled sound proposed, for example, by raster-noton. Album Micro of the Italian musician con_cetta supports this idea and develops this theme so, that we can see the difference properly.

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