review: Novi_sad - Mort Aux Vaches 02.12.2009
review: Novi_sad - Mort Aux VachesOne of the most interesting units in remarkable label Staalplaat is sublabel Mort Aux Vaches, releases of which have been already reviewed at Sound Proector for several times. Here the records for radio program Dwars are released in limited editions of 500-1000 copies. Each release is a live concert of a musician or a group of musicians - musicians who can't be uninteresting...

review: Andrey Kiritchenko - Misterrious 02.12.2009
review: Andrey Kiritchenko - MisterriousPrevious works True Delusion and Stuffed With/Out were just transient rooms after which Andrey Kiritchenko's way to the labyrinth of music sounds proceeded. Here, in album Misterrious, released by Japanese label Spekk appears the feeling that we are coming nearer to Oz country moving along the road of yellow bricks. Music in this release is perceived in such a crystal, atmosphere and transparent way that in this case the album can't be compared to anything else, though can be placed in one line with such musician as Rafael Anton Irisarri and his album Daydreaming...

review: I/DEX - Layers 02.12.2009
review: I/DEX - LayersYou stop your car, shut the door and being not sure, you step on the space of a huge field. The city is still very close, though not close enough for saying that you are inside it, and the naked beauty of the nature is still far away to plunge into it. The field is like a sluice separating the web of industrial buildings, dwelling houses and road arteries from wide fields, magnificent trees and the sky not lit by artificial light...

review: Stanislav Vdovin - Rapid and Tired 02.12.2009
review: Stanislav Vdovin - Rapid and TiredStanislav Vdovin is a musician from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, more well-known under his pseudonym Unit 21. Sampled noise produced by old vinyl became Stanislav's trademark. Of course not the sounds themselves, there are enough of them in electronic music (experimental and not), but the way he treats them, which incredibly deep and dragging away sound carpets he makes with their help, balancing sometimes on the verge of techno and ambient...

review: Access To Arasaka - Oppidan 02.12.2009
review: Access To Arasaka - OppidanLong-awaited album Oppidan by the young magician and sorcerer Access To Arasaka finally came to my hands. I won't drag out and write long introductions, I'll just say that the record turned to be splendid! Fantastic work with the sound, it seems that everything, including the tiniest details was made by hands at some subatomic level...

review: Noise Cobra - Tongue And Groove 02.12.2009
review: Noise Cobra - Tongue And GrooveI'm looking at a plastic envelope with homemade CDr by a small Canadian label Patente, looking at the name of project represented here - Noise Cobra. Yes, I can already imagine which trip waits for me after pressing the button with triangle. It's forbidden here to act on impulse, one must prepare, wait for the needed mood and catch the moment. Listening to such disc at any moment, after morning fried eggs is like pouring out a bucket of nails on your head...

review: Whales - Still Second 02.12.2009
review: Whales - Still SecondCDr with Still Second from the far for us Canada belongs to musician Marc-Antoine - Whales. This mini-release has limitation of 40 copies, such records are often spread during concerts by musicians or their representatives. Three long-lasting tracks are exactly like a small concert of electroacoustic avant-garde...

review: U.S.O. Project - Nachtmusik aus 01 02.12.2009
review: U.S.O. Project - Nachtmusik aus 01What I like minimalistic improvisational electronics for is its intimacy, one can even say "homeness". It seems that it is right here, very close, is creeping and fluttering hoping to leave its deep and significant trace in life of those to whom it had to penetrate. You listen and see musicians, designers hunched up at their laptops, with their virtual or rather tangible controllers ruling the sound surrounding space. They change the picture, on some transparent body of airy mass they scrap their abstract messages...

review: Jorge Reyes + Piet Jan Blauw - Pluma De Pi... 02.12.2009
review: Jorge Reyes + Piet Jan Blauw - Pluma De PiedraIt's one of the latest works of the remarkable Mexican musician and composer Jorge Reyes who left this world in February 2009. The album was recorded together with the Dutch visual artist and creator of his own musical instruments Piet Jan Blauw. Jorge Reyes is the musician and master of sound psychedelic performances and mysterious rituals, the author of "peyote" music well-known in the whole world...

review: Druhb - Cone Of Silence 02.12.2009
review: Druhb - Cone Of Silence
Druhb is an experimental project from Spain which has released its album Cone Of Silence on Geometric records. The project consists of 2 members - Jaime Munarriz aka Doctor Professor Munarriz and Javier Pinango aka c-666. Guys actively analyze the sides of minimalistic, ambient and hypnotic music, at the same time they don't hurry up to release albums quickly one by one. All recorded in the release is very authentic to its title...

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