review: Marina Rosenfeld - Plastic Materials 02.12.2009
review: Marina Rosenfeld - Plastic MaterialsRecently the Australian label Room40 released the new solo album of the very interesting and uncommon artist Marina Rosenfeld. She lives and works in New York and has been for many years experimenting in various kinds of art - audio installations, video installations, audiovisual concerts and works with photography. Marina's music is first of all the work with vinyl players and dubplates made by herself, with instrumental noises, fragments of human voices and other sounds...

review: Krzysztof Orluk - Blurred Reflection 02.12.2009
review: Krzysztof Orluk - Blurred ReflectionRelease of Netherlandian label Databloem can easily become a wonderful finding for the listeners of noisy digital ambient. Polish musician Krzysztof Orluk prepared in his second solo album Blurred Reflection the live and pleasant sound dish of music which is absorbing the space and silently shuffle over the walls, ceiling and floor with its rough fibers...

Ran Slavin - The Insomniac City Cycles 04.10.2009
Ran Slavin - The Insomniac City CyclesNew Ran Slavin's film!
The Insomniac City Cycles is a cinematic project in continuance that started in 2004 as Insomniac city.
It is the concluding chapter and narrative feature manifestation to the 5 year work in progress. It oscillates between film noir and science fiction, a known reality and a sensorial one. The film becomes an outlandish mix of dark and bizarre psychological drama exploring a remote and dreamy twilight zone.

Premier at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque // Friday 9.10.09 15:00

- trailer
sound.proector.podcast.4 03.10.2009
sound.proector.podcast.4The fourth podcast by Sound Proector is available to our readers and listeners.
As usual you will hear the tracks from releases that we wrote about in our latest reviews. You will hear tracks of Tokee, Igorrr, Oskar Hallbert, Halogen, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, Autistici and Phillip Schulze.
Listen to our podcast online (mp3@160kb/s) or download it (mp3@256kb/s) for your players.

We have recently begun publishing podcasts and we keep on experimenting on it. The voice of Dmitry Quarck as usual will accompany this record. But this time he will only name the tracks.
We will keep on looking for the best forms for our podcasts. If you have any comments or suggestions, please tell us. We are very glad to read them. Just use feedback form or write e-mail.
review: V/A - 2 | Favourite Places 02.10.2009
review: V/A - 2 | Favourite PlacesThe release of the British label Audiobulb Records which is planned for this autumn is the second part of compilation Favourite Places. Its conception is not new but of course it's devilisly attractive for ambient listeners - the musicians record the surrounding sound atmosphere with the help of their recorders and then they use this material in musical tracks...

review: Halogen - Baked 02.10.2009
review: Halogen - Baked... Halogen makes his work skillfully and with feeling, he accurately measures the soft ambient pictures with the central themes of the album. He joins glitch electronic rhythms like bright mosaics, the roots of which are in notions like "IDM" and "downtempo". Slow, simple melodies, very pleasant for listening, please the ear like warm sea waves carefully covering parts of the tired earth...

review: V/A - Quartet Solo Series 02.10.2009
review: V/A - Quartet Solo SeriesThe next piece of experimental improvisational music, I've got in my hands, became the release by the young American label Striking Mechanism – the first (and the only one at the moment) part of the Quartet Solo Series. The idea of this project is to join in one CD the works of four independent audio artists, among them in the first part are Marina Peterson (cello), Phillip Schulze (electronics), Jonathan Chen (electronics) and Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone)...

review: To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie - Marlone 02.10.2009
review: To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie - Marlone... That's amusing that the second album of the project caught me in the same very sickly state boarding up all the ways out of my inner space. Perhaps music of To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie in Marlone doesn't bring new, another emotions. I think they decorated and calmed up their sound, organizing more "user friendly interface" with access to labyrinths of their dangerous creativity...

review: Oskar Hallbert - 1123581321345589 18.09.2009
review: Oskar Hallbert - 1123581321345589Earlier creative work of Oskar Hallbert was unfamiliar to me, though his recent release on the Italian net-label Zymogen (for many times its releases were interesting discoveries) got me acquainted with his music. In this album the musician used Fibonacci numbers – each following number equals the sum of the two previous...

review: Javier Hernando - Luz Nacarino 18.09.2009
review: Javier Hernando - Luz Nacarino...In 1990 label Geometrik was founded, it was engaged in releasing works of Esplendor Geometrico and other spiritually close musicians. In 99 there appeared their sub-label Microgama the executive director of which became musician-experimentalist Javier Hernando, with this very album we'll start researching of releases by label Geometrik. Javier Hernando is the veteran of the scene, musician, member of numerous experimental projects and a person hosting his own authentic radio program...

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