sound.proector.podcast.2 07.07.2009
sound.proector.podcast.2The new (second) podcast by Sound Proector available to our readers/listeners.
In the second podcast we gathered the tracks of Pillowdiver, Mem1, Nebulo, Hecq, Parallel Worlds, Rosy Parlane, RMSonce and Jimmy Behan.

Listen to our podcast online (mp3@160kb/s) or download it (mp3@256kb/s) for your players.
review: Somatic Responses - Reformation 01.07.2009
review: Somatic Responses - ReformationAfter the armour-piercing and dark Digital Darkness released on Hymen rec., on the other German label Ad Noiseam there appeared the new album of Somatic Responses with laconic title Reformation, though the title matches more for that was recorded on this compact disc...

review: Jimmy Behan - The Echo Garden 01.07.2009
review: Jimmy Behan - The Echo GardenRecently I got the next CD of the so-called laptop electroacoustics, it seems that there is already a whole generation of such musicians. I imagine thin, motionless figures of young people as an integral part of it, they stiffen before the laptop display, nearby lies a pair of sound devices (processors, mixers or something else). Abstract constructions of granulated sound layers come from the acoustic system and cover the surrounding space...

review: Mad Therapist - Alien Element 01.07.2009
review: Mad Therapist - Alien ElementFor a long time I didn't get more kind music than this release Mad Therapist - Alien Element on Byelorussian conglomerate Machinist records. It was released in a very special way – 14 kind, one can say even positive tracks packed into the cover of industrial style made personally by vAlien – design is wonderful but obviously not matching to such music. Though one can easily suppose that it's a special move of people releasing this project...

review: Parallel Worlds - Shade 20.06.2009
review: Parallel Worlds - ShadeSuch powerful and atmosphere works haven't appeared in the horizon for a long time already. Name Parallel Worlds is new for me, but after album Shade this musician got to the centre of great attention. Using oldschool analogue synthesizers together with modern drum-section Bakis Sirros creates really astounding sound canvas...

review: RMSonce - Reflections 20.06.2009
review: RMSonce - Reflections...9 tracks in general became an excellent trip to the world of electronic experimental music, it has caught not only by its interesting sound but also by its composition and the theme development. Droning ambient can be filled not with rude noise, clicks and other glitch-products forming the layers of electronic effects (something in Pan Sonic's style), somewhere human voices can be heard, apparently processed field records are used...

Mem1 - +1 12.06.2009
Mem1 - +1...This spring label Interval Recordings released the second full-value album of the duet, which extremely gracefully develop the theme started earlier in Alexipharmaca. +1 is the collection of their collaborations with other musicians, among them are Jan Jelinek, Ido Govrin, Area C, RS-232, Frank Bretschneider, Kadet Kuhne, Jen Boyd, Jeremy Drake and Steve Roden. Each track is a performance with a character from this list which shows that very interesting people worked at this music...

review: V/A - Rural Psychogeography 12.06.2009
review: V/A - Rural PsychogeographyThe compilation Rural Psychogeography saw the light on the Ukrainian label Nexsound.
What is psychogeography and what will this article be about? The notion "psychogeography" was founded by the French situationists more that half a century ago. As its aim psychogeography sets investigation of exact rules and specific effects of territorial surrounding, organized intentionally or not, influencing emotions and behavior of an individual...

review: Hecq - Steeltongued 12.06.2009
review: Hecq - SteeltonguedAfter perfect releases on Hymen records the new album by Ben Lukas Boysen was expected by experimental music listeners with special interest. "Will the musician be able to surprise in the way he did it earlier?" - perhaps this is the main question of this release. Not always all talented people manage to create music so often, such music which doesn't remain on the shelves, but is listened regularly and brings special euphoria. Sometimes having rushed up, 'creative machine' can have an error and reach a deadlock. Did it happen to the latest creation by Hecq?..

review: Nebulo - Avutma 12.06.2009
review: Nebulo - AvutmaHaving appeared on Hymen rec., the second album of Nebulo immediately attracted our attention. We wrote already about his debut release Kolia, this time it's even more interesting for us to listen and see the direction followed by this mysterious musician from France. The album starts with composition "Lactoz Pill" - it's already not the gloomy introduction as in case with track "Ant" in the previous release casting over dark thoughts. This time the project's author Thomas Pujols displayed himself and moved to the side of the open light and open space...

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