review: Pillowdiver - Sleeping Pills 12.06.2009
review: Pillowdiver - Sleeping PillsAlbum by the German Rene Margraff under the pseudonym Pillowdiver, who has decided to stop of his previous alter ego Ckid, was recently released on label 12k. With this release the American label under patronage of Taylor Deupree proves again that the releases by 12k can be with confidence recommended by psychologists for people suffering from overexcitataion and stresses...

Podcasts 04.06.2009
PodcastsFrom yesterday webzine Sound Proector starts up the new section - podcasts. On the third of each month we will gather the most interesting tracks from releases, which had been observed on our site during the last month.
In the first podcast we gathered the tracks of Ariu Kara, Benjamin Finger, Tim Hecker, Lawrence English, Sebastian Ehmke (SE) and remix for one of the tracks of Palac. Comments of Dmitry Quarck will help to orient in the half-hour musical trip.

Listen to our podcast online (mp3@160kb/s) or download it (mp3@256kb/s) for your players.
review: V/A - Talking to Ghosts 25.05.2009
review: V/A - Talking to GhostsCompilation Talking to Ghosts seems to be one of the rarest cases when the remake of musical composition gets better than the original. It's the first release by Palacmusic with invited musicians. Such people and projects as El Fog, Tilman Ehrhorn, Ennio Mazzon, Jerome Pergolesi, NQ, Talkigmakesnosense, Moze, Rechenzentrum, Sonicbrat, Beneva vs. Clark Nova and Palac himself created tracks using the material from the previous album of Palac called Ghosts...

review: Sinter - Crust 25.05.2009
review: Sinter - CrustOn net formation Heavy Mental appeared the next release. This time it's a mini-release by project Sinter available for everybody as it's free to download. All is the same as in the previous releases – homemade cover intentionally not fitting the definition "design". Ideology is also the same, homemade too. In general, the pure underground, not spoiled by any excess nuances...

review: Machinefabriek - Mort Aux Vaches 25.05.2009
review: Machinefabriek - Mort Aux VachesStaalplaat together with VPRO perform a series of live concerts of musicians-designers released under the name of Mort Aux Vaches brand in limited edition of 500 copies. So that all copies would be spread among fans, collectors and musicians' admirers. This release is obviously not for wide masses. And it makes me happy that these copies are really bought. This time they recorded and released the live of project Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) in a six-panel cover...

review: Mark Templeton - Inland 25.05.2009
review: Mark Templeton - InlandRecently on Anticipate recordings took place the release of the second solo album by the Canadian musician Mark Templeton. We didn't write in Sound Proector about the first release Standing On A Hummingbird which appeared in 2007, that's our oversight. I'm sure, that remarkable compact-disc took its rightful place of the shelves of music fans near the releases of such labels as Neo Ouija, Kranky, Moteer, City Centre Offices etc...

review: Andrey Kiritchenko - True Delusion 25.05.2009
review: Andrey Kiritchenko - True Delusion...The most interesting thing is that this album appeared in several years after release Kniga Skazok on German Ad Noiseam, and here's nothing that would remind of its software micro-dance tracks. Full 180-degree turn. Total change of the whole creative role. Andrey managed to make such experience, gather his experiments as a whole and create his own individual sound system...

review: Kozo Inada - Mort Aux Vaches: i[] 25.05.2009
review: Kozo Inada - Mort Aux Vaches: i[]Before recording their live concert on VPRO Kozo Inada had released several works on Staaplaat, that were works with odd titles - a[] and d[]. All that is made by this unreal sound-designer is slowly growing, leisurely noise, low frequency noises surround you layer by layer and covers the listeners' audience...

review: Justin Bennett - Cityscape 25.05.2009
review: Justin Bennett - CityscapeJustin Bennett is one of project BMB con members, he lives in Netherlands and at the same time he's engaged with his own audio-visual projects. Album Cityscape is the debut work of the sound artist, some kind of audio-collage. In European cities Justin recorded a great number of various technological and original noises of which he gathered his breathtaking piece of art...

review: Lawrence English - A Colour For Autumn 13.05.2009
review: Lawrence English - A Colour For AutumnAfter releasing album For Varying Degrees Of Winter with cold winter ambient in 2007 Lawrence English proceeds his illustrations of seasons with the work A Colour For Autumn released by label 12k. Autumn, performed by this musician, sounds as if you were observing it in a small European town, through dusty window glass covered with steam...

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