Dub Tractor - Hideout

Dub Tractor - HideoutDanish producer and arranger Anders Remmer released his third album. In all 9 tracks the bias is concentrated on guitar, bass and singing. Old microphones and band players. His music is like an equivalent to the projecting of melancholic cinefilm through mat glass.
The album starts with a heart-rending track "I Woke Up" - it shakes you down at a moment evokes some futuristic romantic fantasies, there's no gravitation, you fly into peculiar world and you repeat to yourself: "Wake up, wake up!" This composition provides at ones an insight into what we can await from our further journey.
The next track "Much Better Than This" continues calling us to follow our way, it's cold and sad. "Way She Says Goodbye" is probably the most romantic track, original love scene. Listening to the track "Apd" you get to some American ranch, unbearable heat and tiredness. Irresistible need of the rain, and the composition "Droplets" gives it to us - calmness of early spring morning, airy haziness.
At the end I'd like to add some words about "I Forget", it's a very delicate, romantic pop-electronics.
All the compositions of this album have their own prehistories. Each track is unique and contains a part of Remmer's soul.

- City Centre Offices

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