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Nightech - Deviation

Nightech - DeviationOne of the last releases of The Russian label Lagunamuch Community - the first album by Ed Sherbakoff (aka Nightech) released on CD.
Under the cover of Deviation we can find an odd aircraft moving us far away from everyday life, from cities and their boring people, from boredom and endless fuss. We fly over the surface of a planet not yet spoiled by any civilization. Endless landscapes of dusty, gloomy hills depicted on the cover of the album. It surrounds us and charms by its shapeless, dark, slow sound pictures of Deviation suggesting the idea that it's 'the ambient itself, just like it must be'.
We get into the dark, huge space radiating smooth streams of resonant sounds, turned by the professionals into musical compositions without any rhythm or any change of the sound picture. More than an hour, while the Deviation sounds, everythings around slows down, moves slowly and neatly. We move over the surface of an unknown planet, we are inside the spacecraft created and launched by the Russian musician Nightech.

- Nightech
- Lagunamuch Community

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