Y-Ton-G + Asmus Tietchens + Kouhei Matsunaga - YAK

Y-Ton-G + Asmus Tietchens + Kouhei Matsunaga - YAK'What do people find in this noise?' - such may be the question of an uneducated but adequate listener. 'What's the trash?' - the question of an uneducated but unadequte one. After listening to this joint work of Asmus Tietchens, Kouhei Matsunaga and Wolfgang Neven (aka Y-Ton-G) perhaps 99,99% of people can be devided into two such groups. And the rest hundred of listeners will just listen to it... listen attentively. Even the names of the musicians of this German-Japanese collaboration signify something experimental, interesting and extremely abstract.

The principle of their work was 'your material - my composition', the titles of the tracks definitely indicate the function of each musician in this very composition. However the YAK sounds rather wholly, smoothly, without a pause. Each track of the album is a rather grave trip through the depths of electronic underground.
Despite the past of these sounds, the talented, extraordinary imagination of the musicians turned them into something squeaking, rumbling, sometimes silent as if waiting for the listener to think up the continuation on his own. The listener should be active and imagine what's going to happen after the following turn of the twisting and frightening path of the minimalistic noise.
YAK is a good finding for the fans of abstract, minimalistic noise with intellectual component.

- Monochrome Vision


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