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Arcane Device - Devices 1987-2007

Arcane Device - Devices 1987-2007The author of the project Arcane Device is the American musician Davis Mayers, who started to research the effect called called 'feedback' in sound equipment starting from the 80s. The interesting effect of locking of the entry and the exit of electronic devices was that the sound appeared on its own without any outward resources. Since that time Mayers was obsessed by this phenomenon, he constructed various devices and chains of facilities to rule the feedback.

This double disc Devices 1987-2007 was released on the label Monochrome Vision in 2007 and it became the anthology of unreleased and rare works of the musician in the bounds of now non-existant project. The first CD includes 10 remastered tracks recorded in different periods of time for several labels. The second CD consists of four parts, the so called "Feedback Symphony" joined the overworked musical material recorded by Mayers since the end of 80s. All music here is the observation of the movement of electron chains through the channels of the sound equipment. It's as we penetrate into each piece of iron and all these chains of conductors and oppositions turn into one huge universe - certain pseudocosmos, dark and terrifying, repulsive and charming at the same time. This enormous space transforms all the time, we see several twisting conveyors producing the layers of noise of different kind - rhythmical splashes and drawling drones. Sometimes all this sounds like the minimalistic sequence of odd sound effects, sometimes it's like the disharmonious audio collage full of movements and events.
Of no doubt, strange and talented music...

- Monochrome Vision


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