ISAN - Plans Drawn In Pencil

ISAN - Plans Drawn In PencilAntony Ryan and Robin Saville work at their project ISAN (Integrated Services Analogue Network) already for many years and have a great number of fans, who are fond of their melodious IDM music. In 2006 they released perhaps the most important for them album Plans Drawn In Pencil on label Morr Music, nowadays this album is the quintessence of the whole duet's creative work.

The whole album Plans Drawn In Pencil, its cover and title are extremely harmonious - perfect preparation for listening of nice, smart music with unique ISAN's concept. This music didn't lose its attractive deceptive naivety and tries to prove the ease of things happening to us every day. Starting track "Look And Yes" pleasantly smiles to us and starts drawing the walls of our flat with color pencils. Analogue melodies and backings are led by rough percussion bulk, slow drums tempo. From time to time short ubrupt sounds create a huge, colorful world inside a tiny room. The unique world drawn by a small naive kid on the ordinary walls round us. Obligatory kid's one, as children always express their feelings openly without being frightened by lack of understanding. These illustrations include happiness, joy, thoughtfulness and strange dumb sadness at the same time.
With the help of warm sound of analogue synthesizer and playful, complicated in some way percussion mosaics ISAN manages to express the mood and emotions of the album. In general, the melodies are simple, but open and magnetic.
The recipe of such music can't be found in books or articles, you can't ask your friends or other musicians how to make it, you must feel and know something special... Feel it...

- Morr Music


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