Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Collaborations

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - CollaborationsThe creative work of German-French multimedia-project Das Synthetische Mischgewebe is in principle inaccessible for an uneducated auditorium of listeners. It can be characterized by the wide spectrum of comparisons and terms, each of which is extreme and extraordinary. During more that 20 years Isabelle Chemin and Guido Hubner cooperated with a great number of interesting bands and uncommon musicians of the underground, among them were The Oval Language, ERG, Artificial Memory Trace, TBC, Jorg Thomasius, Thomas Beck and others. Earlier these collaborations were planned to be released on the label Hypnagogia but it stopped its work, and in 2006 the collection of joint works on two compact-discs was released on the Russian label Monochrome Vision.

The release got the stunning title, sounding in Russian like: "The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist Epitomises His Dissent With The Compromising Juxtaposition Of The Smell And The Sound Of A Pair Of Wings Injured In Subdued Romance". The second title Collaborations makes it more easy to describe the album and its title but due to the musical material hidden under the cover it doesn't abolish the album's complicacy.

The first two tracks are the parts of the common work of Das Synthetische Mischgewebe and John Grzinich (ERG). To get satisfaction from this music you should gain mental isolation from outside stimula. Noise collages silently move through the centre of our perception, then blow up the rest of the emptiness in the space and fill it all with the industrial noise dust. On this background the shift to the collaboration with Jorg Thomasius becomes almost unnoticable. We may say that here we are surrounded by the far more terrifying sound atmosphere. In "Minimization - Pt. 9" silence fights more space and up to the beginning of the track (the author of the material was Slavek Kwi (Artificial Memory Trace)) it seizes almost the whole sound route.
"Veiled Evidence" turned out to be extremely minimalistic - more than 10 minutes uncertain splashes of silence penetrate through mighty layers of dark drones, rustle and squeak.
The second CD starts with 17 minutes of noise trip "Situacta" played by Artificial Memory Trace on the basis of a great number of various musicians' materials. Among them were Das Synthetische Mischgewebe themselves. This track perfectly supports the concept formed in the first part of the release, the following parts of the music work "Ephemera" can be distinguished by the extremely weird, terrifying atmosphere as well as by its sound range consisting mostly of transformed voices of humanlike creatures.
The same sounds predominate in the joint work of Guido Hubner и Peter John (The Oval Language) "Papillon Schizophone", which became the transitional tunnel to the final part of the release. This part consists of 5 DSM tracks on the material of Thomas Beck (TBC). Noise events which cross our framed space with different intensity each time leave some vague trail of associations. Sometimes it's unclear whether if moves from our loudspeakers in the form of sound or it exists inside our brain.
The creativity of Das Synthetische Mischgewebe helped to turn the noise into something more than just noise...

- Monochrome Vision


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