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Sweeping Logic - Lucid Side Of The Dream

Sweeping Logic - Lucid Side Of The DreamDuring these days the recent release of net label INQB8R is one of the works available for free downloading which impressed me and deeply touched. The musician with the pseudonym Sweeping Logic is hardly well-known to a wide audience, before the release his music was available on such resources: myspace and Later on the tracks of Lucid Side Of The Dream were mixed up into one scale and released in the form of one new record.

This music is like a memorable trip through a night city, which has absorbed masses of people and machines, the city scourged by the light of neon ads, lamps and headlights. The city smells with perfumes and exhaust gases, it's so beautiful that very soon it becomes disguisting. The main roles are played by hip-hop rhythms sinking in the effect of reverberation and a grand piano, the sounds of which manage to take our deepest emotions out of control. Snatches of different phrases, drawling sound substrates and various urban field records create a unique huge space and movement through the city - a complicated system of interactions far away from us. We take a detached view of everything, move far and far away, round people absorbing the sense of our own feelings and glancing over the wide landscapes of city buildings and shiny shopwindows inside them.
Maybe that is just a hallucinations?..



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