Plaid & Bob Jaroc - Greedy Baby

Plaid & Bob Jaroc - Greedy BabyIt seemed that Plaid had already done enough for idm music to surprise the audience with something new. First of all, many years of laborious work at the project Black Dog, then forming of the duet, production activity, albums recording, a great number of concerts all over the world. As a result - Plaid are the headliners of the huge English label Warp.
Maybe that was the reason for my sceptical attitude to their new audio-video project Greedy Baby. I thought: "Well, guys are lack of ideas in music creation, so they turned to making video". My mood after listening to the album Spokes caused certain dim feeling of incompleteness of the whole work. Perhaps it's too depressive and obscure for Plaid, especially after their transparent P-brane ep. That's why their new project with director Bob Jaroc didn't arouse at once a great interest and desire to search for it. During my usual visit to a record shop this double cosmic boxset-container (CD and DVD) got into my arms by chance.
The DVD is a thematical collection of Plaid's videoclips of the new period - there are no clips from DVD Warp Vision or P-brain ep. There is also the edition for the album - several video works, such very video art was the the background while Plaid's performances in Moscow.

First clip "War Dialer" is the intro for the following clips. Everything's in order, war's already proclaimed, we can move further - such was the proposition from the robots' voices.
"I Citizen The Loathsome" is an extremely gloomy diving into the cold world of England's streets, twilight walk through the night city, a number of acoustic instruments in the music.
"The Launching Of Big Face" resembles the original solo designer work - graphic sketches changing all the time and transforming into something that can't be described with the help of words. This entertaining clip can amaze anybody, even those who had never heard about and listened to such music. A very qualitative and rare theme.
"Zn Zero" - recognizable, even from the first seconds of listening, style of Plaid.
"In The Return Of Super Barrio" musicians and the director turn to a very urgent social theme. It's perhaps the most touching clip from the whole DVD, well-thought original plot and animated heroes - zombie-civilization, mass media and inevitable revolution. By the way, music in this album is surprisingly positive for Plaid, such compositions were present in their debut album space bossanova filled with toy sounds and percussion.
Further we come to"The Return Of Super Barrio End Credits" - piano sketch (coda for the whole previous plot) lasting for only 1,5 minutes.
"E.M.R. " is very beautiful, fairy idm, in this very way Plaid cathes on the audience - something clear, subtle and anxious, listening to this music, you can hardly remain indifferent.
"Super Positions" consists of quick sliding situations, everything moves at incredible speed, almost flying around.
The last clip-track speaks for itself - it conerns the theme of relationships between musicians and listeners. This scheme is even more complicated: music-musician-listener and no other variants, for sure.

- Plaid
- Warp


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