Fennesz - Transition

Fennesz - TransitionLabel Touch procedes releasing of 7-inch vynil records with short but very expressive EP of the most extraordinary modern musicians. Recently this collection was joined by the new work of Christian Fennesz - Transition. In this album this musician doesn't change his concepts and approach to music - experiments with guitar sound with breathtaking variations and various chains of effects made by this musician keep being urgent and interesting.

Transition's sounding is very similar to the album Venice released in 2004. Absolutely amorphous sound of track "On A Desolate Shore" spills around like some warm shroud, it immerses us into the dense fog and prostration. Low-frequency drone, glitch rustlings and scratches, thin inhomogeneous squeak are crumpled into one big and beautiful sound clew. "A Shadow Passes By" procedes this theme with bright running over strings of an abstract, thoughtful guitar dissected by delay effect. It is as if rainy cloud with enormous masses of moisture went away letting the sun rays come through it. Somewhere far away it's still raining but now it's not so important...

- Touch
- Fennesz

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