End - Science/Fiction

End - Science/FictionLegendary idm work of American musician Charles Peirce released on Hymen under number 725. Even nowadays this album is still attractive for the listeners - this music is still interesting, the content is urgent as well as several years ago, the album's design perfectly conveys its general mood.
I remember my dialogue with Charles in 'Bunker' club, those days Charles spent his time at Moscow with his concerts. I asked him what was the reason for creating this album. He answered that some time ago he lived at a house, on the ground floor of which there was a book shop with sci-fi and fantastic literature. Sometimes he visited this shop, looked through the books, read a lot and of course it influenced his creative work. That's why this album Science/Fiction is almost impregnated with the energy of this shop and these books. Though he understood that only when the whole work was over. It often happens so that someone's creative work influences other people and inspires them for their own creations, that was the case of this very kind - accumulating of energy and discovering of new horizons of true creativity.
From the very beginning - first crackles and crunches of track "Eclipse Of Reason" you understand what 's going on - serious concentrated immersion into another reality. Sci-fi is ready to embrace its readers and listeners, enrich them with new ideas about future and support with all necessary stuff for travelling through intellect hyper-spaces. Titles of the compositions say for themselves - "The Image Economy", "Global Media Engine", "Society Of The Spectacle", "Dead Media"...

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