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Lusine Icl - Language Barrier

Lusine Icl - Language BarrierThis release belongs to the group of albums which can be easily missed, unmaked and misunderstood. Listening for one or two times won't be enough, you must listen to it attentively at least for 5 times to deepen into the atmosphere of the album, feel its mood and colour rendition. Only after theses 'procedures' Language Barrier will become a perfect accompaniment for long summer travellings on nature. In mp3 format the album's sounding will hardly satisfy you, Jeff Mcilwain's works are with too subtle frequency spectrum. Much time has passed since his last full-value release Iron City on Hymen, so now Jeff summoned his strength, new ideas and impressions, recorded the new album and returned to his listeners.
Language Barrier is some kind of thin woven space of inner world and nature made of the composer's feelings and sketches of the last years. To my mind, it's the best album of this musician released on Hymen. Very authentic electronics, but again only for those who's able to feel and understand this music. This rule concerns all electronical music. That's why any listener must turn to art on his own, art itself won't fawn upon him. Describing this work in details is senseless, it's better to listen to it for several times than to read about.

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