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m² - NyxThe last for this moment release of Squaremeter on label Ant-Zen is called Nyx (night), it's dedicated to Greek mythology. That's the reason for original titles of the tracks like Thanatos, Hypnos, Eris, Nemesis... Nyx differs much from all musician's previous works by its utmost anxious minimalistic sound. Perhaps it's not even music but presence of it, level of which is controlled by the musician. This album is about feeling but not about the representation of compositions.
Some time ago Squaremeter's works were released on German Mille Plateaux, also on sub-label Force tracks his crazy drum'n'bass project Panacea was released. Much time has passed, but still Mathis Mootz keeps making his experiments and creating new concepts for his albums transforming their energy from one release to the next one. Nyx is a really charming dark album which has all rights to become the cultural value of Greek mythology pantheon. In most cases darkness attracts more attention of musicians that daylight. Night hides something magic and secret, inaccessible at daytime. Boundless opportunities and prospects for productive creativity.
It may happen so that having no sympathy to previous works of , you can easily take fancy to this new album. This work has its own interesting concept with more distinct sense. Almost no drum-machines or other rhythmical pictures, the exception is composition titled Nemesis. Nemesis is the goddes of retribution, the only Nyx's expressive composition with drive and force, similar to Squaremeter. Dedicated and purposeful work. In Nemesis leaky ambient substance becomes dangerous, furious and aggressive. In general, listening to this release you feel like a spy travelling through empty Louvre at night and watching endless halls with ancient mythology night revival...

- Ant-Zen

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