Eric Delay - Kindheitstraum

Eric Delay - KindheitstraumReleases on the net label Fragment attract attention of all the fans of dance microelectronics. The previous release Fragment - Motor together with the first part of the album Mammoth was considered to be one of the most talented label releases. Of no doubt, that's not the first brilliant release of the professional musician, producer, soundengineer Vadim Motor on vinyl and CDs in Europe and Russia. Now comes the turn of Eric Delay.
The album starts with the track "Vollheim" sounding the way music must sound at the deep night or early in the morning. Clicks`n`cuts - night club halfmelted in chill out, when the musician finishes his set, only one or two people left on the dance floor. Music of excessive pauses.
The second track "Kindheitstraum" catches up the mood of the first one. Now we come to the thought that in the process of listening it's easy to sink in the featureless ocean of music. Thus some minutes later we understand that it's the essential characteristic feature of such style, very soft and pleasant. Only your mood and feelings can lead you through the rough labyrinths of clicks'n'cuts.
The third track "Im Walde Spazierengehen" changes the mood of two previous compositions. Even without listening up to the end you understand that it's one of the best tracks of the whole release, especially in the middle, when the sample with girl's laughter is heard. When used in the right way, tenderness and romance are a powerful weapon. Eric Delay is a great master of such weapon, the whole mini-album is the best proving for it. Lightness of his tracks crosses with the early new age when this style started its development. Apparently this very style had a great influence on the musician.
"Das Eintauchen In Den Abgrund" has another message - the return to daily routine in a little bit nostalgic form, perhaps because of the morning cold. The last, fifth track - "1986" sends the listener to the album of Markus Guenter 1981. 1986 means probably the nostalgie pick and the year of the author's birth. All the tracks are warm and soft like the august of 1986.

- Fragment


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