Lawrence English - Kiri No Oto

Lawrence English - Kiri No OtoThose who constantly observe the scene of experimental ambient music can always be aware of innovations in the creative work of Australian media artist Lawrence English. In his works Lawrence often uses his own field records together with modern technologies of sound arrangement. In his last album released in July 2008 on label Touch English he represents his so-called 'foggy sound' (that's the approximate translation of the album's title from Japanese). We don't know where these field records, used as raw materials for each track of Kiri No Oto, come from. His music is nothing else but sound masses smeared over the walls, ceiling and all things round us. Music with low frequency, without distinct structure and streight development, without obvious corners and borders, no starts and endings...
We are taken away to the zone of high haziness by the drone dense so much that it seems to fill up everything around, no ray of sun coming through it. Or maybe we are at the bottom of an ocean depicted on the compact disc's cover, we watch its calm and relaxed life from inside. In any case we may say for sure that the experiment with 'foggy' and 'raw' sound was successful.

- Touch
- Lawrence English

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