S:cage - Madness Turns To Glass

S:cage - Madness Turns To GlassTo my mind, it's impossible to listen to this original album of Ant-zen (released in a special cardboard package) in normal state. Such listening will, of no doubt, fail and give no impressions to the listener. To understand and feel the album Madness Turns To Glass of the project S:cage you need either to be deep in your thoughts or take certain substance, nevertheless any 'substence' doesn't guarantee your understanding of such highly artistic project. In consideration of all musial characteristics, we may say for sure - it's an extremely complicated theme - superconceptual pie filled with explosives. These explosives are ready to detonate at the most appropriate moment.
I like such odd  incomprehensible projects as they demand special attitude, you must think much and search for the wright key to follow your way to such music. Very often it happen so that our beloved music becomes boring, that's not characteristic of intelligent, complicated music. It conсerns not only music, but also any equivalent of such complicated creativity of high quality - films, books and so on. Just imagine that you are looking through the musical kaleidoscope with psychological sound pictures changing each other by turn. Some pictures are anxious, some are kind, several pictures with original syncopated rhythmical beats.
Each title of the track is a picture of such kaleidoscope: "Madness", "Vapour", "Collapsing Breath", "Inside This", "Surfaces", "Glass"... The author of this sound experiment is Stephen Seto. Judjing by his creative work, we may say, he's a rather dangerous character. Maybe he can be even called a professional shot-firer of the modern society. Though any society needs such personalities, without them our world would be not so interesting and unique. After numerous listening to the album Madness Turns To Glass  and 'catching on' you really feel the desire to know more about such music. And the intrusive thought of listening to its previous album Remote follows you all the time.

- Ant-Zen

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