Machinefabriek + Stephen Vitiello - Box Music

Machinefabriek + Stephen Vitiello - Box MusicSound data exchange through e-mail has become rather popular among musicians, such cooperations are very convenient as they give people the possibility to send files of big size just sitting in your chair. Collaboration of Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) and Stephen Vitiello proved that not only e-mail can be used for such purposes. Firstly, they got acquainted via e-mail. Then these two guys kept sending each other boxes by post, these boxes contained various things, sometimes there could be found an egg-cutter, foil, a broken vinyl record, rice and what not... Such very objects were used by the musicians while recording their disc with the appropriate title: Box Music.
From the very beginning of the album we immerse into realistic fairy-tale, we are reduced to the size of a fly and thrown into that very box. All the objects round us become huge, they produce very distinct sounds: they rustle, beat and buzz making the box trip of a tiny man a little bit gloomy, even frightening sometimes. 50 minutes of listening turned this box into a separate unique world. Changing tracks, we move through different collections of objects, the list of these things is the title of each composition.
Rutger and Stephen prove that music can be made of various things, anything can become the source for making music. Sometimes it doesn't matter, whether it's a new guitar of perfect quality or a broken vinyl record, egg-cutter or rice. This album is not just drone ambient or a series of field records, Box Music is the integral composition with professional representation. One would think that the sounds used would be incompatible, nevertheless our perception depends only on the freedom of our mind and the way of thinking...

- 12k
- Machinefabriek
- Stephen Vitiello

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