Machinefabriek - Dauw

Machinefabriek - DauwRutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek) is one of those Netherlanders who play a great role in the process of modern experimental music development. Besides cooperation with interesting musicians, Rutger released a considerable number of his own music works on CD. Sometimes he produces full-length albums released by different labels, and we may say for sure that his works are really interesting and worth your attention.

Listening Dauw, we exist parallel to everything around us, we blow up the border between the reality and mental level of human-world cooperation system. Imagine that late at night, when the whole city is stuck and waits for something, you come out of your multistoried house and see a piece of the sky breaking off and fall on the Earth's surface. You feel the desire to be right there, in that hole where some minutes ago was the sky. You listen to "Porselein" and "Fonograaf" at once, they cover us with dark spots of melancholy. The piano and guitar sounds inside the dense and boggy drone are especially magic - sometimes simple tap over the strings and abstract rustling. They are accompanied by the smart collages of different effects - familiar vinyl noise or the universal laptop.
Subtle and charming composition of all these sounds leads us to the rough "Engineer", perhaps the most abstract album's part. This track is the mixture of metal drums recorded with the help of Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen, long guitar sounds, dictaphone records of rustling and various destructive arrangement. Track "Dauw" is lighter, it swings us on the waves of expressive running over the guitar strings. This composition is the contemplation of the night nature ready for awakening; it's not yet eaten by the greedy city's mouth. Interesting and symbolic is the transcription of 'dauw' from the Dutch - it means 'dew'...
The unforgettable submergence is finished by the 25-minutes flight over the surface of the sleepy planet's body. This planet is so fragile and unprotected that it seems we can't rescue it. We are between different spaces, between love and hate, between reality and oblivion...

- Machinefabriek
- Dekorder


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