Bardoseneticcube - Noosphere

Bardoseneticcube - NoosphereAny unit of this or that example of electronical music has its own concept. Sometimes it's rather intriguing and maybe highbrow. It becomes some kind of a conductor or perhaps an API helping musicians to transmit their music straight to their listeners' minds. Though it doesn't decrease the role of the final product in the result of such cooperation.
Without the release's text, the album Noosphere by the Russian project Bardoseneticcube would miss much of that, put into its sounding by the album's creator. The concept is very interesting. A computer has reached a deadlock due to a program error and now it sends back a dissimilar sound wave. It feels as if the informative computer layer influences the human mental activities. So the feedback circuit provides the bidirectional connection of the system 'people-computer'. In the result we have the pulsing noise trip longing for more than an hour. I would compare it with falling down through a compressible cluster ready for a collapse. Cluster of the informative sphere, cluster without structure and sense, without start and ending. Nothing to lay hold of, no hope for a pause. It seems that this chaos splits the rest of composition's structure elements, than it sends the rational sense back to the radiodata stream. Again and again, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30... Friendly speaking, I couldn't listen up to the end. Maybe creating such music is more interesting than listening to it.

- Monochrome Vision


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