Wendt - Unreleased Music For Visualizers

Wendt - Unreleased Music For VisualizersDue to its aesthetic elegance and refinement, modern digital-minimalism charms its listeners. Drones, squeaks, digital microsplits changed by silence periods turn by turn, create the bubble of beautiful, delusively simple sound space. So it's too complicated and odd for wide masses, though extremely valuable for its fans. The CD Unreleased Music For Visualizers has all chances to become a real surprise for the fans of 'microwave' music. Why not – not yet very popular musician and label (well, at least in comparison with raster-noton, 12k/Line or Mille Plateaux), and general content made according to the best traditions of this musical stream.
13 tracks are divided into 3 parts, each of which differs from the other compositions. "Confuence of Indus & Zaskar" associates with the album's cover in the best way. We hear voluminous ambient backings, abrupt clicks, high-frequency squeaks and leaky noise blades. All this forms two real sound pictures with the perspective, development, deepness and perfect presentation. "Trio-log" starts with very sharp squeak – better to be not close to your acoustic system, as this minimalistic part of the album can be dangerous for drum membrane. The sounding is very close and familiar for the fans of Ryoji Ikeda's music. Further comes the live concert of the musician divided into 4 tracks, certain summing up of the whole release. Hard to say, whether I liked this CD. I liked some pats, for example the first part of the album and track "Sun", but sometimes the beloved microsound becomes boring without any surprises.

- Miatera

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