Eluder - The Most Beautiful Blue

Eluder - The Most Beautiful BlueShort running start, pushing off from the land’s edge and jump... Listening to The Most Beautiful Blue I feel as if my body and numerous beads speed through the huge body of water masses. Well, what made me pay attention at the new release of the American label Infraction? That was some months ago, I came across a rather interesting net-label Archaic Horizon and its release 'ElectricWest - Divine De Vice'. I listened to that melodious IDM similar to the sounding of some Neo Ouija releases for several days. I got interested in the musician Patrick Benolkin whose pseudonyms is ElectricWest and Eluder. These two pseudonyms were chosen not accidentally. The thing is that ElectricWest is used as the title for the IDM project, but Eluder shows us the 'ambient soul' of the musician, more deep, amorphous creativity.

Starting from the first sounds, this music penetrates into virgin, unexplored water space, it divides your day into two parts: 'before' and 'after'. The sounds of the external world are left above the water surface... Swimming forward, you move deeper and deeper obeying the water streams: "Brand New Eyes" and "The Path Presents Itself". While listening to the track "Via Starlight" you come to the surface and watch the beautiful night sky. Listening to this music, you avoid any unnecessary movements, it holds you like those water columns that we imagine. While the first listening to the album I lied on a sofa, closed my eyes and up to the last track "The Most Beautiful Blue" almost fall asleep being deep in this cold, blue space.
I've listened to many albums with such deep, voluminous ambient and this work shouldn't impress me greatly. But, fortunately, from time to time musicians manage to create such unique, wonderful sound space which surprises its listeners and makes the sound trip interesting and delightful.

- Infraction

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