Steinbrüchel - Mit Ohne

Steinbrüchel - Mit OhneRalph Steinbrüchel is one of the leaders of modern experimental microelectronics due to his scrupulous use of details in sound. He presents various drones and long sound canvas so that they produce the hypnotic effect characterized as the division of the surrounding world into several parallel mental layers. They don't intersect, though influence each other through connections and transformations. Time slows down and all the things start changing their forms. Mit Ohne is one of the newest Ralph's solo works released by label 12k this August.
Despite the duration of the album (less than 20 minutes) this album can hardly be called 'mini'. It lasts for that very period of time it must last. It's like two arms of a man, 60 seconds in a minute, one oxygen atom in water molecule – 7 untitled tracks of Mit Ohne must long for 18 minutes 34 seconds. Drone shroud covers us from the very beginning, it fetters the rational and our consciousness work hardly, it produces the cell of airfree quasireality. Secret things become clear, material resistance is extremely weak. It seems that abrupt, stinging clicks make tiny holes in huge dark hypnotic substance. Beams of light come through these holes and prevent us from the lost of contact with our real world. Sometimes I feel that I'm able to cross the walls...

- 12k
- Synchron

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