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Aleatorix - AleatorixNet release with similar title Aleatorix appeared of the site of idm-formation Heavy Mental belonging to Siberian net spaces - this fact, of course, attracts attention. One my fellow said once that all that's from Siberia is interesting on default. On the site you can find full information about the meaning of the word 'aleatorix' and the sense of project's music. You can read it downloading 16 free compositions at the same time. All is done simply - minimalistic simple picture for the release, interesting intelligible text, absence of serious mastering, well...
Yes, in general that's right to do that way. Tracks are the true sincere home-made idm recorded in 2000s. Listening to this music you return to those times of early EU when they were not yet popular and well-known, they had just started music recording - we still listen to those tapes from time to time. To deepen into those times when it was the beginning...
I like such naive, simple toy-releases, of course, it can't compete with music released on CDs, nevertheless... Cozy inner mood, kind energetics, sampledelics of pictures-feelings are really present in this release. Tracks-dreams created with the help of several self-made devices perfectly describe the author's emotions. Of course we shouldn't compare these records to the works of Fizzarum or Autechre, that would be senseless. That would be some kind of provocation. But listening to such compositions as Untimer2, Psilk, Elektronik you'll mention various pleasant associations, and this fact adds up to the album's value and respect to this project.

- heavy mental


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