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NHK - Unununium

NHK - UnununiumThe newest release of the German label raster-noton represents the series of nine releases by the Japanese project NHK. The authors are Toshio Munehiro and Kouhei Matsunaga already well-known after cooperative work with Mika Vainio and Merzbow. This name can be also familiar to our readers thanks to the album YAK made together with Asmus Tietchens and Y-Ton-G.

Stunning, dry and sharp experimental techno-charge rushes into the listener at the very first track. Rhythmical constructions of digital grinding sounds, clicks and drones cut into veins and penetrate into brain and heart through blood, then it turns into dust all that was important for us a minute ago. It seems that the tracks have no start and ending, they suddenly penetrate into our space and unexpectedly stop giving way to the next trip. The sound breaks, crackles, hisses and twists, all is concrete and distinct – the triumph of digital technologies without excessive emotions. If I hear such tracks as "Entire Set", "_1" or "Show Two" in a club I would hardly be able to sit on my place and perhaps will be getting mad at the same time.

- raster-noton

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