Passarani - Unspeakable Future Outbreaks

Passarani - Unspeakable Future OutbreaksThis review will be about the release made long ago, though it was hardly mentioned and it almost passed by the listeners of depressive-progressive music. Album Passarani - Unspeakable Future Outbreaks was released in spring 1999, soon it will be its 10th anniversary. During this long time all vinyl copies are sold out and CD ones are coming to an end. There were times when this work formed influenced the style of the young label Hymen - closed, gloomy music for 'burdened' people. This work of the Italian musician Passarani, together with the releases Beefcake, Snog, End is among the best 10 releases of the label. Though that's not so important. Hymen's press-release describes this album as the dark emotional music, inviting everybody for a travel together with aliens on the ship Nostromo. Do you remember the horror film 'Alien'? That was the title of the ship, on which the film character Ripley worked, and this very ship detected aliens in the space.
Nice outlook - by the sound accompaniment in your imagination you can move to the atmosphere of the film's events. Album Unspeakable Future Outbreaks is really unkind and dark. Sometimes it's even a little bit ominous. Rhythm-noise delayed machines work here clearly and exactly, like clocks. The album starts with the track "Ee5", slowly but intensively it speeds up and each new composition (for example "Cnct Point") starts dragging away the listeners and dissect our consciousness. It forces the frightening roughness of twilight and adds some darkness to general sounding. Very conceptual work if not mentioning some technical rendering moments. That's interesting, how this music would sound today if its author had all new equipment, hard- and software. Will he be able to create something authentic nowadays? That are my thoughts after listening and numerous 're-listenings' of this artifact. Many people think by mistake that all the horizons of music are already reached out and all technical opportunities depleted. Nothing of that kind! True musicians are just at the beginning, though that's the end for untrue ones.

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