V/A - Muzyka Voln

V/A - Muzyka VolnSt. Petersburg label Zhelezobeton started its sub-label Muzyka Voln and released the drone compilation with the same authentic title. Muzyka Voln presents 12 Russian experimental projects, its general style is formed in ambient manner.
While listening to the second composition "Autumn Dreams" by the project Closing the Eternity, the new horizons for another spaces traveling become visible. The best sounding of this music is at night, in total darkness, when only starts can be seen in the sky - high time to turn off the light and turn up the music. During all our life we rarely met so many releases developing this theme in parallel. For some unknown reason this music at once reminds me of Bill Laswell with dark compilation Divination Distill filled with three-dimensional ambient sketches, though very atmospheric at the same time. There is far more 'atmosphere' on Muzyka Voln and it's absolutely different, you listen to it and in your imagination you move to some desert sea-coast.
New impressions after such a travel are guaranteed - sound waves coming through desert landscapes, through the ruins of huge abandoned plants and factories, if we listen attentively we can hear much... The wind as usual twists the fans of rusty ventilator, it rustles with the divergent metal plates on the roof, and your mood becomes really odd and neglected.
You can easily lose your way among these thematic sketches, they are too faraway and close to reality. Faraway from this and close to that reality. Together with its desert flora and fauna it's somewhere nearby, but not here. The collection of Muzyka Voln's compositions is rather impressive, it was carefully and thoroughly collected. We may point out each of the mentioned projects and examine it in detail, though that's better for you to see and hear it on your own. Nice masterpiece for any musical collection.

- Zhelezobeton

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