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V/A - This Infernal Love Of Life

V/A - This Infernal Love Of LifeThe original version of compilation This Infernal Love Of Life was released in 1989, its conception was the development of the theme 'love of life' by the musicians working with different styles and streams. Rather interesting musicians, I must say, those times they represented the Swedish underground and today they are still proceeding their creative work. Recently label Monochrome Vision made the next 'backtrip' and This Infernal Love Of Life was re-released on CD.
Despite the fact that all musicians 'announced' different styles, the whole 4-track release is filled with the single, united industrial theme. As concerns the first track by Eld-Omala which I liked - it's gloomy, emotional piano and acoustic guitar, reverberated drums, sometimes the incoming shapeless guitar wall... The atmosphere of life's border - the verge between these and other worlds, love of life is called here 'infernal' not in vain. A man feels such love when being in the bondage of fear. White Stains proceed this theme with their track "Underworld Initiation" and move us away from the real world to a nightmare or to the most gloomy parts of our planet with danger in any dark corner - dark weighty drones and howling, drums forcing the strain... Now it's surprising to move to the next tracks of Phauss and Zbigniew Karkowski - sharp and dirty noise modulated in time. Those times it could seem interesting, but nowadays, when the price for a computer and toaster is the same, many people try themselves in the filed of noise. Some manage to do it well, but most people make the boring sound rubbish which can't surprise anybody. Well, this theme is too solid theme for discussion and for a separate article. As concerns this CD, it's for a limited number of listeners, mostly for those who are interested in European underground music of those times when the original version of this compilation first appeared.

- Monochrome Vision


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