Stanislav Vdovin - December24

Stanislav Vdovin - December24Stanislav Vdovin (Unit 21) at his time made a digital release September-October on the German net label Thinner. Some time later - album November by Lagunamuch and only now came the continuation December24 - cd-r-release on the native label Rat Hole situated in Nizhny Novgorod.
The first track "December Morning" is a mixture of micro-techno+ambient sketches, perfect cocktail for sophisticated fans of actual fashion music. As for the second track "December Day", well, I can say that it's a well-done techno-track. It could be recorded by some young man living in some Dortmund cozy, warm winter cover, not a slapdash job. At the end of "December Day" the first sounds of twilight coming can be easily heard. Ambient is a little bit hidden in this track, as if under the leaves in a forest.
"December Evening" together with its loops-movements comes nearer, here, at its horizon line. And we can hear the results of Stanislav Vdovin's long-time work. The only thing that's hard for understanding is the role of the first tracks "December Morning" and "December Day". After "December Evening" they undoubtedly come to the background and become some kind of prelude to the next trip to forms' world. Even according to its concept. Though the content of the music changed very much. Sometimes straight drums due to their frequent usage become boring so that you want to turn it off and listen to the country of stiff waves, eternal snows, faraway and close stars without the leading guide. The true pearl of theserecords hides in the longest, almost 25-minutes track "December Night". The breathtaking composition full of emotions and moods starts at the 6th minute. For some reason this record seems to me to have some kind of hypnotic effect reminding of the effect after listening to the albums of Rapoon. Music has the same hypnotic effect. Unfortunately, not for long.

- Rat Hole


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