Insulator Project - Insulator

Insulator Project - InsulatorIt seems to me that today are the dulled times for the co-called 'extreme music' - total narrow-mindedness of many musicians as well as listeners. The increasing popularity of buzzing and rumbling acid sound mass. And in general visible tendency to decreasing IQ of the planet's inhabitants already shows its results. The associations of such pseudoextreme people often use the industrial themes as a cover. Though the sharpness of the sounding is the only thing that is left. That's not that unique charm both in music and in general conception of the powerful, dark industrial world.

On the general sad background of such associations the release of Russian project Insulator Project seems to me rather interesting - it's not the banal bombing of distorted rhythms and melted buzzing that empty our mind. The album consist of 5 rather long-lasting, deep, submerging tracks played by the musicians live - using analogue synthesizers, digital devices, guitars and drums. At the same time all compositions are integral, they form one long trip deeply into their own fears. Interesting electronic experiments, special atmosphere of the dynamic composition development full of life - this music is really emotional, most sensitive people may even have the feeling of fright and anxiety. To my mind, it's better to listen to this music alive, in a small club with few people, who don't suffer from the collapse of mental component of their own personality.
In general, it's a rather interesting release with its unique atmosphere and free to download. I'm sure that for some people it will be a pleasant surprise.

- Lagunamuch Records


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