Lazyfish/Mewark - S/T

Lazyfish/Mewark - S/TThe album released by Peace Technologies / Lagunamuch community resembles the flight on a helicopter. The rotary-wing aircraft moves above the megalopolis covered with Tuscan light. Thus the warm luminescence of the album doesn't except the cold compositions. The release of the works of two self-sufficient eminent musicians turned to be rather multi-faceted.

In the first tracks we hear distinct IDM beats, cracking further in the middle of the album and forming the tape of one more rhythmical layer. Altogether the whole variety of sound samples gives birth to various images: whips of iron sound changed by rather warm synths, prevailing kisses of metal quickly move through bursting bubbles of electonic sphere and strike the sparks. Pharses from films in one of the last tracks make the listener perceive the music visually.
Up to the end of the album IDM slowly move to the ambient space. Well, it's a real helicopter trip from the center to the outskirts of a big city.

- Lagunamuch records

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