Tomas Phillips + Dean King - Les Mailles

Tomas Phillips + Dean King - Les MaillesTo my mind, joint work of Tomas Phillips and Dean King Les Mailles is one of the most interesting Monochrome Visions's releases. They were inspired by the short experimental film "Meshes of the Afternoon" by Maya Deren, who worked in the middle of the previous century. The surrealistic film represents several surfaces of the reality lost between life and dream of a girl. The heroine is chained in the system of repetitive events, happening in one short period of her existence. Fevered mind generates new variants of further development and that's impossible already to distinguish the irrational. Hypnosis…That's the very feeling you have both while watching the film and listening to the CD.
Dense, hypnotizing drones slowly changing in the course of time, sometimes field records, much reverberation - it's a cocoon that paralyses your hands and legs. Digital clicks and high-frequency hissing accompany its modifications and transformations as if they wind the thin cobweb thread over our place, coil by coil. Looking at the outer world, you feel as if watching it whom the inside, from another side... While sounding of the record, ambient picture graduates changing the depth of cocoon's immersion into the artificially made space. And when the 40-minutes composition is up to the end, you feel that you've heard and seen something deeper than is seen by the rest of our planet's inhabitants.

- Monochrome Vision
- eto ami


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