Abstract Avenue - Sky&Telescope

Abstract Avenue - Sky&TelescopeCity of the future... Of course, we don't believe in the future nuclear wars and new ice ages. We imagine this city as a sequence of numerous skyscrapers, cars flying above our heads, and the endless masses of people. Various 'high tech' devices sparkle in their hands, robotics units move along the perfectly clean streets, all is under the command of furious life rhythm - movement, boiling events... Recently label Lagunamuch has announced the free net release with music of such future megalopolis - album Sky&Telescope by project Abstract Avenue. Quick succession of electronic percussion twist into IDM puzzles like vortexes. With the help of their abrupt, synthetic voices, the sequences of synths paint bright city's pictures full of light and energy that is depicted on the album's cover. The first part of the album passes in such a manner and is slightly shaded by track "Dort" shifting us into an dirigible's cabin. It rises us higher into the space, its melodies and rhythms are already heard there - it's a more deep and hypnotic track due to its mood, though the sound's brightness and freshness stay the same. The next "Champs Elesees" opens the explosive, more rhythmic album's part - to fly by a huge house touching its corners, twist through the system of city buildings, dive into water and come to the surface, bite some sappy pieces of the air mass poisoned by smog and then move further... Light glimmering around you, glare of glossy surfaces, the smell of artificial - future comes closer...

- Lagunamuch Records


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