Sleepy Town Manufacture + Unit 21 - No Traces

Sleepy Town Manufacture + Unit 21 - No TracesThe latest for the moment release of American label Infraction pleasantly surprises by its unique package - two dense sheets of the basic envelope hide 5 square cardboards with photos printed on them. These photos were made inside an old house battered by time. Stylish artificial 'agedness' is exactly what's needed - the album's cover becomes the entrance door to the room of dusty, rough sound crackling under the years' pressure. As if we had entered the room and started deepening into its atmosphere, watching the life moments seen by its walls – life of several generations who lived here. Such interesting alloy was created by two Russian musicians - Alexander Ananyev (aka Sleepy Town Manufacture) and Stanislav Vdovin (aka Unit 21). Ananyev made the ambient cover of slow electronic backings and field records, Vdovin textured this substance by his master clicks and vinyl plates' crackling. By means of sounds various views are drawn inside the imaginary room, these are the pictures of the past and dreams of the future.

Further, in the middle of the album clicks and crackles sound already a little bit persistently. It seems it was a blunder to over-stress them and draw to the foreground of general composition. In general, in some places the impression form the album is spoiled by unpleasant low-frequency 'rubbish' as for example turn up buzzing 'charges' in the last track "Continent". They properly warmed up my inside and neighbors' nerves. That's why I think it's better to listen to this album in headphones. Headphones (at least my ones) level the 'droning effect' heard in some places, also they create more intimate atmosphere for contact with this music. Creative work of both musicians was familiar to me earlier and the album didn't surprise me by anything except its interesting cover. I think it's not the best their work, though in general 'No Traces' can be called a pleasant, memorizable release with its unique mood.

- Infraction
- Sleepy Town Manufacture

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