Vtol - Static

Vtol - StaticProject Vtol belongs to Moscow audio designer Dmitry Morozov who actively works at creating his own electronic musical instruments. All tracks of the debut release called Static are real-time experiments on 'Robo Synth', one of Dmitry's homemade synthesizers. As I have understood, it’s his best product at the moment.

The album consists of abstract sketches with drones, squeaks, hisses and in general noises with different coloring. In some places tracks resemble creative work of Latvian project Oloolo whose members recorded music live using analogue Soviet synthesizers. However listening to Oloolo you can call them 'musicians' without any doubt, but when Vtol play his tracks you start thinking that it's too rough and shapeless... Not unknown Pan Sonic create music with the help of homemade devices too, and as a result they produce not fragments of sound design but real, integral, self-sufficient compositions. While listening to Static, unfortunately, it's not heard. Perhaps exactly by this reason albums of Oloolo and Pan Sonic can be bought on CD and the first work of Vtol is free to download. So everybody can listen to it and form his own opinion about the musician and his first release.

- Vtol
- Far Away Records


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