Kinetix - Absolute Grey

Kinetix - Absolute GreySmall Italian label Koyuki is a rather interesting phenomenon in microsound culture. I got acquainted with it thanks to the release Absolute Grey by Kinetix. It's filled with the idea of minimalism at 100% - tiny number of copies, 3-inch format of compact-discs, design of the package that is a plastic cover with white transparent enclosures, the site's design with minimum of information... small font size, black dots and dashes... All this forms the smart and very complicated world of harmony between the tiniest structures.
Absolute Grey starts with the distorted, artificially interrupted monologue. It seems that the speech is in familiar Russian, though it doesn't matter - words hardly must transmit the message. But as for the intonation and above all sound design, it can really frighten. As if you are sitting in a small, absolutely darkened, unfamiliar place and from the loudspeaker set on the wall you hear fragments of this voice. Claustrophobical and very gloomy theme continues with modulating drones, sometimes hisses and thin noise effects turning room into a cell with no exit. I think that Kinetix has recorded the work which can't be recommended to sensitive people considering the high probability of developing paranoia or schizophrenia...

- Koyuki
- Kinetix


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