Igorrr - Moisissure

Igorrr - MoisissureListen, do listen to it as you will never listen to anything of that kind. Imagine what would be if a church organist goes crazy, learns to growl, masters the wisdom of working with sound on computer, learns to beat drums rhythms in the manner of Slipknot, plays drum machine à la Venetian Snares. His favorite musical instruments would be Latin guitar, he would listen to music of the Middle Ages and his hobby would be to collect old records. Have you imagined that? Well, Igorrr is something of this kind. Moisissure is musician's second album and as well as his first work - not on label. Prodigious cocktail of genres, which can scare away many listeners, is in fact skillfully build up by Gautier Serre to form one integral cloth. Skillfully ironizing over everything that's taking place in music today, in his creativity he gains really the summit of eclecticism. Toothbreaking beat can easily change to something of medieval kind or even latino, at the same time clue of general action doesn't lose its way in the boiling event stream. Each of the eleven tracks is unique in its own way and at the same it runs into general album's concept - it means the absence of any conception.
This opus starts with composition "Valse En Décomposition" with some funereal organ. On the backing of this organ boringly sounds either a fly or a bee (a hint of Pink Floyd?), but in the next track "Oesophage De Tourterelle" everything's much more cheerful. Keyboards' accords rising high or falling down, suddenly stop to burst with crazy cacophony mixed with beat, turning from breakcore into outright drilling, by the way somewhere on the backings play rather pleasant violins. Experiments go on, but this time it concerns the vocalism in "Putrefiunt". The voice of some Simon Fleury at first meets us with growling and music which is characteristic of this vocalism style, this music reminds of something close to black and death metal. But it stops abruptly to play ethereal - gothic ballad to the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, and then growling again. Then comes something unimaginable. Guitar produces some Latin American motives to the accompaniments of shooting drums and Simon's vocalism, trying to adjust heartrendingly screeches something in Spanish and Portugese and finishes this madness with melancholical running over the strings of the same guitar. After gloomy "Extro" and "Liquid Requiem", which proceed the funereal theme started in the first track, sounds "Brutal Swing". The title already speaks for itself. Infernal machine meets us with crashes and squeak, then they are joined by piano which easily could be the backing for some silent movie. Though it's not the end, Igorrr also added to this mess the records of 30s and made this crackle absolutely dare-devil. In the next composition "Phasme Obèse" the mood and manner are perhaps opposite to those of the previous track. Filled with mysteriousness it starts filling the surrounding atmosphere with suspense and waiting for something bad. And when one more 'invited vocalist' Laurent Lunoir sings with funereal voice it gets really frightening. My favorite "Huile Molle" is a separate story. Its skeleton is a musical theme of Renaissance epoch. This theme is played by an instrument of the same epoch or a synthesizer tuned up to it. Baby's crying sounds almost in time with the slow beat manipulated by Igorrr similar to the way idm musicians do it.

To my mind, Moisissure is worth the title 'The most original work of 2008' like no other work. It's worth at least to have a look at the inimitable illustration for it - perhaps that's impossible to convey the album's main point better than Igorrr has done it. Frightening, one-legged, lop-toothed monster, though in some way it manages to walk and maybe to sing. Somebody can call it breakcore, other people would call it metal or will pin another label. I don't dare to give a concrete definition for this album's style and that's senseless. Just listen to it and enjoy the irony of the musician whose name is Igorrr...

- Igorrr


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