Will Montgomery [Heribert Friedl] - Non-Collaboration

Will Montgomery [Heribert Friedl] - Non-CollaborationOne of the previous year releases by Austrian label Non Visual Objects got a rather interesting title - Non-Collaboration. Press-release helps to understand the reason for such a title - Will Montgomery and Heribert Friedl worked together since 2006. Frield sent the records of Hackbrett improvisations and Montgomery added his sounds. Later on, when Will understood that his electronic part and the acoustic part of Heribert don't make the desired intersection, he gave vent to his own creativity totally absorbing the improvisations of his companion. At the same time he adjusts that the Hackbrett sounds left their unique mark on the album's music.
Starting with the first track "Amore" you start to feel that one of the main composition elements is silence. Rather not silence itself but the effect of different perception after the influence of sounds by definite origin. They are imagined like abstract strokes on a virgin-clear canvas. Non-Collaboration is for those who are able to see 'something' on such empty surface, who's able to fill it with his own emotions, feelings born by imagination under the influence of music. Drone, squeak, gritting... Sometimes long-lasting texture development, sometimes very small dose of sound. And at that moment when the sound subsides at all or only tiny line of noise is left, it's possible to feel the surrounding space transforming - sometimes more, sometimes to a very little degree... If you don't catch the described effect, you can be very much disappointed in this album. For listening to it you need certain atmosphere and appropriate mood.

- Non Visual Objects

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