Jos Smolders - Gaussian Transient (Megaphone)

Jos Smolders - Gaussian Transient (Megaphone)Jos Smolders, one of the most significant people of Dutch experimental scene, on the cover of his latest album tells an interesting story about the motivation for creating Gaussian Transient (Megaphone). In his recollections he returns to the end of 80s when his first vinyl record Freebasing A For Is Me was recorded. Smolders is notable for the freedom of this release - free of concept, material used or researching of definite phenomena and objects. He formed abstract records' constructions made everywhere and put their composition to the centre of attention. After almost 20 years Gaussian Transient (Megaphone), one can say, becomes the continuation of those musician's experiments, at least the sounding of these works is very similar.
Field records were made in different corners of Europe, in absolutely different places that makes each track the shift to another area. You may listen attentively to interesting, sometimes fanciful sound composition or you may play this disc at not high volume, do your things and catch the character and mood of sound pictures coming from the acoustic system. While the album's playing long-lasting tracks and short ones change one another. The thing is that in tracks which last for less time, such as "in that very narrative passage he sat dejected", "myster t" or "pieces of writings of the the writings of the names" attention can dissipate among very quiet, delicate noise layers and records of street ambient. They serve as a tunnel to more rich parts of the album combining both arranged sounds of natural sounds surrounding each person and artificially synthesized noises into single, integral scale. At first the album seems to be extremely abstract but after listening to it for several times you may notice that each element is on its own place and has its unique destination in the travel game of Jos Smolders.

- Non Visual Objects
- Jos Smolders

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