Inverz - Songs

Inverz - SongsUnder pseudonym Inverz hides the Greek musician Savvas Metaxas who was earlier unfamiliar to me. In his creative work he uses acoustic and electric guitars, vintage synthesizers and field records forming with their help an excellent composition of rough sound rings. The album conceals not much events, I would say that Songs is a good example of landscape music. As if you were in a small room with pictures hung on its walls. Inside the squares of tattered frames pictures of the sea-coast full of colors look at each other. On this coast there must be some wastes of industrial epoch (maybe a huge rusty boat that has already served its time or maybe parts of enormous port crane). You can calmly sit in an armchair or lie on bed enjoying the total soothing. Music will rise and lead the consciousness to that part of the planet which will be associated with this warm, very dense and, it would seem, endless stream of sound.

I'm sure that for many people this album will remind of Christian Fennesz's creative work. That's impossible to avoid this comparison, it comes to mind automatically - such frayed, padded out guitar sound, perhaps for long will be associated first with this Austrian. Whatever Inverz`s music reminds, it's unique, it has its own mood, excellent emotional supply and nice, graceful presentation. To the fans of Fennesz it can be just recommended...

- Granny Records


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