Concrete Cookie + The Maggot Farmer - Mondegreen

Concrete Cookie + The Maggot Farmer - MondegreenA huge ship similar to a floating town stuffed with complicated techniques and electronic equipment drifts in the midst of an ocean. It's free of people, and most important - free of their influence. Where are those who created it and those who ruled? That's unknown and perhaps not important already... It seems that its metallic, in some places rusty body is forever committed to salty water, and the sense of life was deleted together with the aim of the last trip. When you start playing of Mondegreen CD by the American duet of Concrete Cookie and The Maggot Farmer, there's a risk to become the only inhabitant of such a ship getting lost in the complicated corridors' junction. In the first tracks dark-blue ambient substance deepens us into itself, it matches for the album's cover and chicly emphasizes the album's mood. The sky veil smears over the sky surface with weak, irregular stripes and illuminates modestly some areas of the planet. Heavy, voluminous drones in 'Richard III' are accompanied by very reverberated crashing of huge unidentified by me mechanisms sounding somewhere in the second plane. A hint of the fact that somewhere in the depths of the ghost ship, wakes up life produced by developed computer systems turned by the creators into artificial intellect which is able to think and make decisions.
Industrial theme, greatly integrated into music but still remaining mostly in the shadow, is developed in one of the key moments of Mondegreen - the fourth track "Book Of Margins". After calm, though a little bit anxious start comes rhythm produced by heavy metallic object striking each other and rocked by the notes of the overloaded dirty guitar. The tempo is not fast, but it sounds efficiently and seriously - true development of the plot that made an injection of anxiety and horror. Perhaps starting with this track I understood the main thing what helps Mondegreen to 'catch' you and be notable among other works similar in style. Well, the sounding here doesn't make any surprises. There are no design elements which could be 'savoured' for a long time, as well as no extravagance in composition. But the album perfectly keeps you in strain, all its tracks are listened without a pause and each next track is the development of the previous one. Long dark soundscapes are competently combined with industrial rumble and gritting, sometimes changing each other, sometimes joining together into paranoid sound veil.
16 minutes long track "Polonium Symphony" can be considered the second key moment. Drone ambient, grinding, perverted groans of unknown species, various hissing and howling sound as if blending in one huge reactor. And the exhaust of this reaction constantly transforms in the course of time. Really gloomy, very terrible track which must be obligatory listened to at night, when you're alone. It leads to a logical, nice ending. "The Reckless Sleeper" gradually removes the strain of the previous album's part. Low-frequency drones and rumbles coming somewhere from faraway quieten at all, giving place to pressing silence, sending us back to the reality. The perception of this silence differs a little from that was earlier - after listening I was feel some aftertaste, post-effect... I think it's a good sign of the fact that it will be interesting to listen to Mondegreen for several times in future.

- Force of Nature


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