Einóma - Undir Feilnótum

Einóma - Undir FeilnótumEinóma project was formed in the result of creative cooperation of two musicians/sound-designers form Reykjavik - Bjami Þór Gunnarsson and Steindór Grétar Kristinsson. After two small releases on the Icelandic label Uniform they released their debut album Undir Feilnótum on Vertical Form. This very album will be the subject of our discussion.

Have you ever watched the film "Alien"? I think, most of us have. Film-makers managed to create extremely terrifying atmosphere that frightens the audience and keeps it in constant suspense. Undir Feilnótum can frighten just like this film. This music leads you to the world, where you'll be surrounded by such aliens, you'll be scared and interested at the same time.

The first track "Beltral Square" can be considered the beginning of the fascinating trip. Syncopated rhythms, ambient audio textures, complicated percussion and otherworldly synthetic noises half-open the huge metal door dividing your life into two periods: 'before' and 'after'.
Imagine that you are a member of an expedition to another planet that differs much from our habitation place. And each coming sound sends you there, to this new world. Fantastic, sounds of the dark industrial IDM create the feeling of strain and make you listen attentively to each rustle. In general, rustles are the characteristic feature of Einóma's creativity. I would say that their lively, inimitable digital rustles are unique and are not similar to any sounds of other musicians.
Most tracks of Undir Feilnótum make you feel like dancing inside a huge club on the Milky Way. Let's take for example "Amonie" with powerful bass-drum beating 4/4. Perhaps it's the most significant track of this album - denouement before the Apocalypse. Fantastic, unforgettable experience inside the IDM machine generated by the digital technologies of sound arrangement.
I've heard the beginning, denouement and the final part of the album. I felt certain powerful emotions and got the supply of energy. That's why this album released four years ago is still one of the most actual and interesting albums in my IDM collection.


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