Eject Project - UnReal Time

Eject Project - UnReal TimeUnReal Time is the second album of Russian musician Arkady Marto who uses here the pseudonym Eject Project. This work became the continuation or, I would even say, development of the first solo CD Real Time first released at the beginning of the century.
Starting to listen to the album you yield to the idea that Russian ambient can not just exist but it can have its own unique features. In the epoch of total globalization, when the borders between different countries' cultures and peoples are erased, I think that such originality in music is very valuable, it must be maintained and protected. It's difficult to explain, what makes Russian ambient differ from foreign ambient... Perhaps, because of its a little bit 'fairy', colorful sound. In UnReal Time it's closely interweaved with experimental electronics which subtly, in details runs through with effects of voluminous, airy analogue sound canvas – very pleasant piano melodies full of life. This music takes you off – a good chance to free yourself from home, work, people, everyday life – each of us is in their hostage. You mustn't do anything, run anywhere and make fuss. Such music is created to get rid of external stimulus and excess emotions. Despite the uninteresting, plain cover design, which spoiled the impression a little bit, this album can be considered a good example of such music.

- Citadel records
- Eject Project


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