Spontane - God Is Dead In Good Luck City

Spontane - God Is Dead In Good Luck CityFrom time to time Citadel records makes efforts to acquaint Russian listeners with interesting foreign musical projects. Among musical items released by Moscow label in Russia with foreign colleges' license is the album of French American team Spontane. God Is Dead In Good Luck City was released in 2005 by the French label Dad Records, in Russia it saw the light two years later.

Before listening to this CD I couldn't imagine what's waiting for me. Such 'blind meeting' gave rise to a wide spectrum of feelings. That's not surprising that music is absolutely cheeky concerning manner and sound stylistics. Sometimes we hear brisk hip-hop and quick recitative, in some places there comes the wall of dirty guitar sound with heartrending screams of team's members. Easily as well musicians can spread in the sweet bog of pop, romantic song. Muisc, as well as the collage used for the album's design, is the mixture of musical paints, emotions and moods. But I'll hardly ever listen to it again. Not because the album is bad, it can easily be loved by the fans of 'street', free musical streams. Musicians' experiments just don't make a grade of extreme originality, only two-three track left a trace inside me, the rest of them in reality appeared to be superficial and uninteresting.

- Citadel records


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