Yann Novak + Jamie Drouin - +ROOM-ROOM

Yann Novak + Jamie Drouin - +ROOM-ROOMIn Henry Art Gallery (Washington, USA) since February, 7th by May, 3rd takes place the audio installation +ROOM-ROOM the authors of which are Yann Novak and Jamie Drouin. Both audio designers transmit the sound stream into two adjacent galleries and research the changes in representation of the room in different sound conditions. Their multichannel installation was released in stereo variant on CD consisting of two tracks, each of which lasts more than for 30 minutes.

"+ROOM" - the first part belonging to Yann Novak starts with absolute silence and gradually grows into monotonous drone with high and low frequencies cut out. In the middle part of the spectrum one can hear slow changes of themes, new layers and vibrations. But all this is mixed up into single shapeless stream without sharp corners and abrupt turns. I don't think that stereo variant reproduced the atmosphere inside the gallery, where these sounds were produced, in full measure. There isn't enough volume which probably was in the room with multichannel acoustic system.
"-ROOM" by Jamie Drouin differs much – low frequency drones open the view of huge night horizons, clear endless sky and abandoned objects of postindustrial epoch. Closer to the 20th minute I felt as if I were on a deserted oil rig in the middle of an ocean lit by the moonlight and large number of charming stars. The second part of the album came out more adapted for listening at home. Perhaps it seems to me so because I don't like strongly-marked middle frequencies which prevailed in "+ROOM". Dark, a little bit frightening, hypnotic drone by Drouin is more soft and pleasant to the touch.

- Yann Novak
- Jamie Drouin
- Henry Art Gallery

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