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Rafael Anton Irisarri - Daydreaming

Rafael Anton Irisarri - DaydreamingThe release we are going to discuss saw the light in 2007, all copies of the compact disc were sold out, though the album is still a serious interest. This is the work which must have been released on Mille Plateaux after cd/dvd Ran Slavin - Insomniac City and the album Edith Progue - Timeline. Unfortunately the legendary label was cancelled forever and the album will be released on the Scandinavian Miasmah recordings. Album Daydreaming consists of 7 tracks and lasts for about 34 minutes. That's not much, but it's pure gold. Very powerful record for those who are interested in such music, for whom nostalgia and feeling of comfort are close.

The first composition "Waking Expectations" is the prologue creating autumn mood, the time of dreamers and romantics. The feeling is as if you were walking on floor boards and stairs of an old house not inhabited by anyone for a long time. You open the doors, look into the rooms and hear the sounds of a passing train faraway... Rafael Anton Irisarri is a multi-instrumentalist, a young man who perfectly works with the sound and makes new vectors to the unknown territories. The next compositions "A Thousand-Yard Stare" and "Wither" hide inside them night rustles, swishes, piano, huge sound palette and all this with slight addition of microelectronics. Not to go too far and to gain his own sound. There are many acoustic instruments, but all in measure and in minimum, it gives the whole record an original taste. Such taste as when you are drinking a hundred-year-old vine and don't think either about time or about business, but only about nature world surrounding you. Track "Lumberton" is a pearl, an absolutely accurate shot straight into heart, it hits you so neatly that the only thing left is to forget about everything and listen to this music only. In fact, it makes you glad, that it lasts for 34 minutes. Time doesn't play any role here and is only a stimulus for multiple listening to this record which every time hypnotizes its listener to the maximum degree. "Voigt-Kampf" is the obvious sound-design, but not ambient as someone could suppose - it's just an architectural sound building. Composition "Fractal" is the second sniper shot, here appears the running warm straight drum, but it doesn't make you feel like dancing. There appear even another inner feelings, secret doors covered with cobweb and dust get opened, somebody comes out... Synthesis of contrasts leads here to a good result. A "Glimpse" ends here the trip through the inner house, gets the old abandoned box out of the storeroom and widens the perception panorama to the maximum level.

By the way, Andreas Tilliander perfectly worked at mastering of this release, the hand of the elder colleague from Mille Plateaux is felt. In general, I advice those, who are interested in this record, to search properly for this record in the Internet and get it in any way possible, it's really worth it. But at first you should decide, whether the theme of romanticism and sentimental music is close to you.

- Miasmah


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