Mobthrow - Mutant Dubstep Vol.3

Mobthrow - Mutant Dubstep Vol.3The debut work of Anhel Liaros and final part of the series Mutant Dubstep on Spectraliquid. Mobthrow, one of the key label's persons represents on this EP his own vision what dubstep must be. Strictly speaking, it's already not dubstep, but a mixture of breakstep, grime, some industrial elements, also new jazz, idm, ambient and all these treasures in 5 tracks. A real 'mutant dubstep'. Despite the fact that it's the first release, all is done at high level, run-of-the-mill themes are absent as such. All is sappy, tasty, fresh like a just plucked apple. Unrestrained energy and drive gush all around making your body involuntarily move in time with syncopated beat. I think that such tracks as "Jazz Monsta" and "Breakstar" would burst any dance floor. Don't let this club-rave orientation of this music discomfort you, it's sounds absolutely not boring. On this CD the masterpiece "My Dub Kingdom" - the remix for imperishable track "My Kingdom" by FSoL surprised me most of all, what hasn't been made with this track, though I haven't still heard it in dubstep interpretation. At the moment when morricone's flute and the excellent vocalism of Mary Hopkin appear, like it or not, you start feeling nostalgic for those golden times. To my mind, Anhel Liaros didn't spoil the original version at all, but really showed it to us in some another light. The last track is also a remix but already for Mobthrow by Mad EP, the resident of Ad Noiseam. He transforms the first composition "Jazz Monsta" almost beyond the recognition mixing cello and rhythm, plus intentionally raw and muddy bass. In general, rather innovative sounding.

So, to my mind, the first work of Mobthrow came out to be rather successful. Researching the new territories of dubstep which has recently come out of underground, Anhel Liaros can claim to his place under the Sun. Personally I will watch over the following career of the musician and I'm interested, what he will present us in his new releases.

- Spectraliquid


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